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About us

The history of the brand dates back to 2019, when the head of the Triathlon Federation of Uzbekistan, Otabek Umarov, created a graphic element based on world-famous icons symbolizing various sports, combining most of them in outline. The idea and starting point was the desire to convey the sporting philosophy of courage and willpower, which in numerology reflects the number 7, which is reflected in the visualization of the emblem.

For a long time, the logo had nothing to do with commerce: the author actually did not object to its free use by sports organizations and manufacturers of sports equipment and accessories in their collections. In turn, this affected the growth of the brand's popularity among professional athletes, and then among fans. Thus, a unique case of popular marketing developed.

Marketing research conducted in Uzbekistan in 2020 by order of the Dubai corporation Berkeley Square Investments, which intends to invest in the production of sports equipment, revealed a high level of popularity of the brand along with excellent indicators of brand loyalty. The management of Berkeley Square Investments, through Urban Hayot, a company representing their interests in Uzbekistan, entered into negotiations with the copyright holder. Following their results, a license agreement was signed, on the basis of which the rights to use the emblem for 5 years were transferred to Urban Hayot LLC, whose founders were Ross Connon and Oraz Abdurazakov.

An important aspect in this case was that the logo at the time of the agreement had no phonetic sound, as well as the actual name – there was only a popular design. The joint efforts of the London Institute of Identity INSTID and the Tashkent agency GRANDPR developed the brand platform 7SABER, presented to the public on June 25, 2021.